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This beloved community, the people we call family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, have reached out to us so tenderly and with such depth of love that words cannot express our gratitude. But from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! You loved Devin and you have blessed us during this most difficult time. 

I’ve walked beside friends who have lost children; tip-toed really, hoping that even though silent, I could impart strength. But one very dear friend taught me that by reliving the precious memories, retelling stories of happy times, laughing whenever possible, we lessen the pain – and it’s true.

Suicide is a very different kind of pain. When we lose someone to illness or accident, even though it hurts so badly, we know what happened. With Devin, we’ll never have all the answers; we’ll never know the depth of what she felt, but in her short life, she knew she was loved. Loved by us. Loved by you. 

During a time when we could barely breathe, you all reached out. You brought meals, sent flowers and notes of love, watered our greenhouse. You wrapped us in your arms with love and hugs and tears. So many acts of kindness were bestowed on our family. 

Brett Stirling, we will be forever grateful that you could be our voice; your help was so appreciated. Tiki Levinson and Dawn Frazier, you coordinated a beautiful memorial service! Amanda Gray and Jeff Lansing, your words resonated and made us laugh; your love for Devin was so clear. Annie Grossmann, your generosity and words of wisdom blessed us.

To our school administration and staff who responded with help for the hurting, we thank you so much. To the counselors who came from Fairbanks to help, thank you.

To each and every person who attended the celebration of life, gave hugs, brought cookies, took photos, carried chairs, left messages on butterflies, and to all those who could not make it but sent messages of love, we thank you with sincere thanks. Our hearts are overwhelmed by your expressions of love. 

There are so many who helped us during this unbearable pain and loss. Please forgive us for not mentioning each of you by name, but we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each and every expression of love. It means the world to us! 

With grateful hearts, 

The Miller Family