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We must protect the Permanent Fund Dividend for generations to come. Alaskans' PFDs should be paid in full using the law that has worked for decades, and the PFD should be protected in the Constitution, now and for the future.

Governor Dunleavy has introduced two bills for the back-pay owed to Alaskans on their PFDs. The legislature should act swiftly on those bills. Every penny of that PFD money due Alaskans is sitting in the Earnings Reserve Account and is available for distribution.

Because our government spending far exceeds the revenue we take in; kicking the can down the road for years, wiping out billions from savings, and then taxing the PFD, all the while just hoping for another oil boom – it simply doesn't work.

There should be no change to the PFD without a vote of the people.


Charles Lester 

Delta Junction