Dear Editor,

I am sure there are those in our community who will be applauding the sudden resignation of our mayor, JW Musgrove. I want to publicly share my perspective and appreciation for his service. He has volunteered his time to serve in our city government since 2006. This entails much more than a bi-monthly meeting. Issues must be studied, community opinions sought and decisions considered; all of this takes time. Taking on the challenging, unpaid role of mayor in 2017 and keeping the wheels of our local government turning required much more time and responsibility.

As the new library director, I have attended many council meetings. This has allowed me to witness the way that Mayor Musgrove gives consideration to all and runs a good, fair meeting that abides by Roberts Rules of Order.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. JW pops right over when there is an issue with the library; whether it be with the physical plant or a personnel concern, he takes the time to investigate and correct it, if at all possible, no matter what hour it may be. This ranges from heat and air issues to safety concerns. This both saves money and creates goodwill. He always takes the time to study and understand situations rather than giving a flip or easy answer. I am sure he does this with other areas of the city infrastructure as well.

His dedication to this volunteer position has been matchless. Countless hours of his time have been spent dedicated to the day-to-day running of our city government. He has worked to make sure things are consistent, fair and understandable.

Finally, there have been great achievements in the past year. The budget is healthy, a new library director has been trained, a safe space has been created for holding spay and neuter clinics, a new subdivision has been developed and policies have been made clearer, to name just a few.

The library staff will miss our boss and I thank him wholeheartedly for his service and dedication to our community.


Tiki Levinson, Library Director