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I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to one of the hardest working groups of volunteers in the community. The Delta/Greely School District Board of Education is elected by the community to represent the people of the community in the oversight and direction setting of the schools. We are blessed to have such a dedicated group of individuals who voluntarily give a minimum of four hours each month to fulfill their roles. 

Richard Mauer, Eileen Herman, Flower Cole, Rebecca Wilburn, Dana Mock, Eileen Williams, and Debbie Joslin are joined by our advisory members, Lt. Col. Michael Foote and student representative Priscilla Joslin to make up the board. They typically meet once each month for a board work session and then again later in the month for a board business meeting at which official decisions are made. In addition, each board member participates in small group work outside of the full board, including the policy committee, the facilities committee, or the budget efficiency work group.

I have chosen to write at this time for two reasons. First, February was Board Appreciation Month and while our board was given no official recognition during that month, I do want them to know how very much they are appreciated. Second, since January, this board has not only held their regularly scheduled meetings, they have also held two meetings on Fridays, during which many of them had to request time off from work in order to participate, and they have also held two meetings on Saturdays. They have done this in order to identify and select a new superintendent to lead the school district in the coming years, and to begin the process of developing a strategic plan for moving our schools forward. They will have more of such days or extended evenings during the coming months as we continue to work on the strategic plan and as we negotiate salaries and wages with our associations. 

This board has my highest regard. They are dedicated, trustworthy, and hard-working. They do their very best to honor the community needs and desires for our schools. They act as individuals in making decisions, and honor those decisions, once made, as a group. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your countless hours of work have greatly benefitted the students of the entire Delta/Greely School District. 


Laural Jackson, Superintendent

907-895-4657 ex 24