Thank you to voters

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters who came to the poll and voted last week. I appreciate those of you who were able to see through the many falsehoods spread during the election when you voted at the polls this August 18. There are a few things that need to be cleared up for those that are still concerned. 

First, I would like to say in the four years which I have been in the legislature, I have never joined a “Binding Caucus” nor do I intend to belong to; as I will not sell your voice in Juneau for a seat of power as those before me have. In fact Senator Shower and I are putting forth legislation to end the “Binding Caucus” in the Alaska Legislature.

Second, every-time I run for office, certain people come out of the woodwork and spread a rumor that I intend on making a borough out of Delta and Glennallen. Nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, the process for that to happen was written in regulations so that no one can place you in a Borough unless you do it to yourselves through a community effort, starting with a petition, followed by a series of public meetings and public comment periods. I live on a dirt road and pay almost $4,000 a month in borough property taxes in the Mat Su and if I don’t make that yearly payment, I lose my home and I would not wish that upon anyone.

The interesting thing about it is after each election is over, so is all the talk about becoming a borough because it was all a lie invented to get their candidate elected and myself removed from office.

Third, Yes, I missed votes in Juneau this year because of a few medical issues that were an oddity. They have been taken care of and will not affect my service in Juneau this session. 

Moving on, the NRA has given out only five “A+” ratings in the state of Alaska. All legislators are usually given an endorsement by the NRA unless they oppose gun ownership, but an A+ rating is a rating given to a legislator “who has gone above and beyond to protect and defend our 2nd amendment rights in this country”. Don Young and John Coghill and Myself were three of the five legislators given an A+ rating this year and I was honored with that same rating for the fourth year in a row now.

There has been a movement out there involving management of our game units which I believe is detrimental to our way of life here in Delta and across the state of Alaska which I will continue to defend against in Juneau this next session as I always have.

Going forward in Juneau, the key this year will be establishing a truly functional Legislature. I believe the legislative body has failed to do this in the past and must work towards this goal at all costs if we are to accomplish anything this year. 

I do not have a Facebook or Messenger app on my Iphone or IPad. I invite you to reach me about legislative related interests by contacting me at (907) 465-4859 or or by mail at 201 N 4th St, Capital Building Suite 426, Juneau, Alaska 99801.

Representative George Rauscher

House District 6