The Board of Directors for Five Loaves Pantry would like to thank this community for all of its support.

Since 2020, Five Loaves Pantry has served Fort Greely and Delta Junction in ways that provide food to those in need. We have (in 2020) distributed $23K to 234 households; (in 2021) $31K to 278 households; and (in 2022) already $30K to 220 households. That donation system is mainly dependent on monthly cash donations. We currently receive less than $300 monthly, while we distribute an average of $4,000 monthly. It is easy to see that soon we will be unable to fulfill grocery cards to every applicant, as we have done these past three years.

During and after the COVID pandemic, we received grants from the City of Delta Junction as well as the State of Alaska. Those grants were used to either distribute grocery cards or food boxes. No other grants are in sight for us. We actively search for grants but have not found any that apply to our structure of operation. Our only expenses are those related to mailing gift cards, insurance, and charity listing fees. None of our volunteers are paid any wages, as we strive to use every cent possible for grocery cards.

We are a group of local Delta Junction residents, each of whom love this community and want to help make it a better place. We are currently exploring more cost-effective solutions and alternatives to our structure, so we can continue to “feed the crowds with five loaves”: either through grocery cards or by providing food to the community. We are currently at a point where we can only provide grocery certificates for one or two more months.

This may mean some big changes for the Five Loaves Pantry in our mission to serve our community. We ask that you be patient with us, please correspond with us in ways that are encouraging and helpful to us all; please consider volunteering your time and efforts to help us find funding sources; and please donate to our charity as you feel led and are able. Five Loaves Pantry will continue to evaluate how we can best serve the community of Delta Junction,


Board of Directors, Five Loaves Pantry