As we enter the throes of the holiday season heading toward a new year I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who helped bring the Sullivan Roadhouse to life this winter. We have heard the phrase many hands make work light and that couldn’t be truer when it came to lighting up the Roadhouse.

Many thanks to The City of Delta Junction Volunteer Fire Department for being the first on the scene to string lights, wrap the tree trunks, and carry up all the Christmas decorations. Delta High School Honor students lent their height to add more outside lights and decorate the gazebo. The local school district Alaska Home School students rolled up their sleeves and decorated the Roadhouse Interior while their parents outlined the Farmer’s Market stalls with multiple strings of lights. Si and Sandy Hill put their ingenuity to work and lit up the inside of the Roadhouse.

Meghen Lene and Ruvim Vorobyov braved a wintry ,snowy day to outline the Roadhouse with strings of icicle lights. Once all lights were in place, Shannon Nichols and Dean Nichols spent a blustery Sunday laying electrical cords and connecting all the light strings.

To prepare for the November 26 Sullivan Open House. Santa Claus solicited the help of Meghen Lene and daughters Moriana and Charlise Lene in filling the treat bags. Elves for the Day Dana Nichols, Erin Catterson and Jackie Ulrich set up the kitchen and offered up hot cocoa, coffee, and sweets.

Many thanks to all who brought in yummy cookies and bagged treats to share. Rayne Fraley added a festive flare to the Roadhouse serving as Santa’s helper. Local businesses Delta PowerSports, Delta Building Supply, Interior Building Supply, TanglesLake Lodge, Delta Brewing, Delta News Web, Christy Roden and Erin Catterson all contributed door prizes. And a big shoutout and thank you to the City of Delta Junction Fire Department for making sure Santa Claus made it safely to the Roadhouse. And thanks to Alaska’s finest providing the police escort.

Shannon and Dana Nichols, Dean and Kacie Nichols, Erin Catterson, Tyler Doolin, Charles Cessnun, and Trevor Chapman all took their stations to bring the dazzling display to life.

All who participated in or enjoyed the Roadhouse did it in comfort this year thanks to the generosity of Morley Electric. They provided the heat source, fuel, and installation. Thank you Chris Morley, W.T .Mountcastle and Greg Ohart for making that possible. What a difference the heat made!

Thank you also Ken Greenleaf and Tenali Hicks for making sure the parking lot was cleared of snow for the event.

And last, but certainly not least a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all the area First Responders who lined the street and paid their tribute to Steve McCombs during the moment of silence. McCombs, a long time Delta resident, devoted countless volunteer hours to the community including serving several years with the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department and working as dispatch with Delta Area Forestry.

It was truly a community effort preparing the Roadhouse this winter. Thank you to all who took pride and ownership in making this historic site a beacon of light during the dark Alaska winter.

In holiday spirit, thank you!

Michele Trainor

P.S. Thank you John Sloan for reinstating the Peace Sign next door! It completed the downtown holiday look we all grew accustomed to seeing.