The Sullivan Roadhouse Museum (SRM) hosted the 14th Annual Soup at the Sullivan August 21. Mother Nature provided plenty of rain and the roadhouse a perfect setting for savory soups and delicious breads.

Many thanks to friends of the Sullivan Roadhouse: 

Savory soup preparers:, Glen Crawford, Mary Ann Czmer, Carol Dufendach, Lou Ann Fett, Ann Giese, Phil Kaspari, Tony Lamanna, Carol McNabb, Julia Phelan, Christy Roden, Jan Wrigley and new to this year: Carol Austin, Erin Blair, Jim Degans, and Tiki Levinson.

Best of bread, muffins, scones, and rolls provided by Katie Behrens, Cheryl Cooper, Mary Ann Czmer, Carol Dufendach, Kassie Farrar, Lou Ann Fett, Sandra Hill, Terry Kozarik, Julia Phelan, Ron Roden, Linda Sloan, and Leah Wrigley – Sweet and flavorful bread toppings: Lou Ann’s honey butter  and Christy’s lemon herb.

Mike Farrar provided his delicious rhubarb punch, served by our lovely greeter Carol Dufendach.

Mary Ann, Julia, Tiki, and Terry oversaw the breads and soups while visiting with guests and keeping things tidy.

Carol McNabb with help from Hailey, Dani, Deagan and Memphis, served three varieties of homemade ice cream topped with rhubarb sauce - Ruby Hollembaek and blueberry sauce  - Adeline Blum. Oh so delish! 

Set up was accomplished with the help of our strong men Mike Farrar and Don Waldo. Finishing touches were provided by Carol and Christy. Greyson helped Grandma with flowers. Clean up went smoothly with the help of Carol D., Mike, Mary Ann, Tiki, Julia, Terry and Christy.

In preparation for this day the gardens are lovingly attended by Carol, Tiki, Katie and Christy. Mike and Don do an outstanding job mowing and grooming the grounds – in spite of all the rain- with a lots of help from our friend Ron.

Thanks goes to the Delta News Web and the Delta Wind for advertising the event and the

Delta Chamber of Commerce for support of Soup at the Sullivan – thank you Katie Behrens for all your efforts. A special visit from Junior Miss Deltana Tiana Kaio graced the day.

Thanks to all who attend and continue to support this annual event, your contributions help keep the museum open.

The SRM continues to provide a glimpse of Alaskans pioneer spirit with dedication from an amazing group of volunteers. 

P.S. Anyone wishing to help with activities at the roadhouse can contact one of the many volunteers listed above. Thank you.