Anthony Lansing

Anthony Lansing while visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

This past June I was out in front of the IGA raising money for a trip to the Harvard Ambassador Leadership Program. I wanted to thank all the people who donated and let them know what my trip was like.

Mr. Johnson, the principal of Delta Elementary School, nominated me to go to this program. The first thing I had to do was raise money to go on the trip. I did that by making a Go Fund Me page, and then raising money at the IGA. The second thing I had to do was sign some papers, and do some work, so that I would be ahead when I got there.

When I got to the program they took us to our dorm rooms, and then they split us into groups from youngest to oldest. I was in a group of 13 kids. After that they made us show us our homework that we had to do, and if you didn’t have it completed, you would just do it right then and there, but luckily we all had it done.

On the second day we went on a bus to do a ropes course. The goal was to face some of our fears, and to show us that as leaders we should always face our fears. It was fun getting to know other kids from around the country. When we returned we went to Harvard Law School to listen to motivational speaker Sanjay North. His message was, “It is ok to stand up when everyone else is sitting down.” After that we went to our meeting place in the dorms to work on our research project. We voted on what we wanted to do. Our group chose the topic of police brutality. Our goal that we came up with was to decrease police brutality in minority groups by increasing the number of positive relationships between the community and law enforcement.

On day three we learned about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. In the afternoon a college student from Harvard toured us around campus and told us a little history about Harvard. After the tour we went in the law school building and had a Q/A session with the Harvard students.

On the fourth day, we had a United Way service project in which we made literacy kits with puppets to make it fun for little kids who can’t afford books. We also made hygiene care kits, which included a toothbrush, toothpaste and other things that have to do with hygiene.

On day five, we went to the JFK museum that had interesting facts about John Kennedy and had notes that he wrote to his wife during the Cold War. After the JFK museum, a tour guide showed us around Boston, and led us along the Freedom Trail to the USS Constitution. When we finished touring the USS Constitution we went to MIT, but sadly we really couldn’t see much, besides some of the inside and the big dome on the outside because students’ classes were still in session. One highlight was the guide telling us funny pranks that MIT students pulled off.

On the last day we had our big presentation. On the very first day we had to vote on a project that we felt was important. Each of us was assigned roles to research about police brutality. The most important thing I learned is that people have to interact and talk with each other. After the presentation everyone went on a cruise ship, dinner and dance. The overall experience was unique and awesome.

Anthony Lansing is a 11-year-old going into the 6th grade at Delta Junior High. He loves to play hockey and baseball.