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Delta Wind was contacted by a parent of a kindergarten student that was concerned with Delta Elementary School starting kindergarten on a half day schedule until after Labor Day. Kindergarten started on August 17 and will have a total of 13 days where parents will be required to pick up children and provide care for the remainder of the day. The parent said seven other parents were also concerned with the number of half-day days for the students.

Milt Hooton, Delta Elementary principal, said that the school reviewed how kindergarten students progressed last year when the school started in the yellow due to the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the district’s strategy last year, kindergarten was only a half day with half the students attending during the morning and half during the afternoon.

The school believes the kindergarten students transitioned better with the half day and that they were able to get further ahead than during previous years.

Hooton said, “when the kids came back…we found they were so much further ahead at that time.”

The parent also felt the information should have been more prominent, indicating they learned of it as a footnote in a 14-page information booklet.

Hooton said the information was in several items sent to parents but did acknowledged that one family approached the school because they thought the change was permanent and the misunderstanding was resolved.

He also added that the school will evaluate the program again and look at the number of days that the kindergarten will be half day at the beginning of the school year next year. He also encouraged parents to reach out to him if they had any concerns.

Overall, he said the half days, “have been really positive.”

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