Students, parents, and other community members packed Delta Elementary School last Thursday for the annual Science and Engineering Fair. In addition to viewing the science projects, attendees could watch bridge breaking, join in a bird beak activity, learn about bee bot coding, and create a fab lab resin project.

The bridge breaking was hugely popular with the men in the crowd, who gathered around the end of the gym where the bridges and the breaker were set up. As each bridge was loaded onto the breaker, they craned their necks and exclaimed as the bridges broke under pressure. Several bridges were too strong for the breaker, so another one will be designed with a pulley system. Sherman Stebbins, a local resident and ardent supporter of the schools, supplied the craft sticks for students to build the bridges and operated the breaker.

First place science fair winners will each receive a gift from the Soil and Water Conservation District and an invitation to the Interior Alaska Science Fair in Fairbanks. In addition (separate from the competition), several local businesses and organizations donated awards to projects they found interesting or relevant. 

Those businesses were Soil and Water Conservation District, Alaska State Forestry, Dennis Green and Sons, Granite View Sports, Big Delta Brewing Compa-ny, Julia and Michael Phelan, M2C1 Engineering, The Delta Dentist, Interior Hardware, and Trail's End Snow Machine Repair.


First Place Winners


Engineering: Firewood Delivery – Jack Dougherty

Experiment: The Power of Toothpaste – Zooey Morton

Research: What in the Wildflowers? – Nora Pence

First Grade

Engineering: Tired of Feeding the Moose – Jase Knight

Experiment: How Far Will It Fly? – Hudson Tomasch

Research: Space – Elias Glass

Second Grade

Experiment: Sticky Ice – Bethany Rothe

Research: What is a Conchologist? – Daniel Parker

Third Grade

Research: Why Do We Need Levers? – Lois Tenpas

Fourth Grade

Engineering: The Wood Chucker – Mason Anderson

Experiment: The Gummy Bear Experiment – Grace Catterson

Research: Tesla – Carson Jacques

Fifth Grade

Experiment: Recycled Marble Run – Katherine McCarrick

Research: The Science Behind Glasses – Sage White and Frannie Lester


Recycled Marble Run – Katherine McCarrick

Space – Elias Glass