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A group of second grade students from Delta Elementary School visited the Wrigley Farm during the last weeks of school to learn all about the farming operation and how the Alaska Flour Company products are developed and prepared for consumers.

Jan Wrigley greeted the students and explained how the family is farming more efficiently and effectively with newer methods of fertilization and soil enrichment to bring nutritious and healthy products to consumers. Students went on a scavenger hunt looking for a list of items that could be found on the farm, such as baling twine, straw, and even animal bones.

Bryce Wrigley met the students and explained the farm equipment that allows them to plant and fertilize at the same time. The equipment takes just one person to operate it instead of 8 people that used to have to do everything with several machines.

Then students toured the flour mill, where Milo Wrigley explained the milling process and the different stages of product development. Students checked out the different pieces of machinery that it takes to store, grind, separate, package, and ship Alaska Flour Company products.

Finally, the second graders were treated to a lunch of Alaska Flour Company cinnamon chip pancakes.