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This year has certainly been different for many students. To give the opportunity for more students to showcase their work, we reached out to Delta Junior High School English Teacher Samantha Bopp who shared some of the stories written by her students.

How do you be a good friend or make a good friendship? I actually can answer that, to be a good friend you have to follow some steps. 1. Be nice. To be nice, you have to act kindly towards the person. Don’t make a bad first impression. Being nice is all about friendship, if you stop being nice, poof gone. 2. Trust. Trust is by far the most important feature in a friendship. If you don’t trust your friends, they won’t trust you. You will eventually drift away from them. It does not mean you have to trust them fully. Trust can be broken, sometimes you just choose the wrong person to be friends with. 3. Caring. Caring is an important part of friendship. If you don’t care when your friend is hurt or crying. They probably think you are not a good friend. 4. Giving. Giving on birthdays, holidays, or a normal day. Friends give to each other frequently.

So, those are four tips. Now for the examples. 1. Being nice, in the “Velveteen Rabbit”, the skin horse was being nice to him and telling him things that give him hope. 2. Trusting, he put trust on the skin horse, for being his only friend. 3. Caring. The boy cared and loved the rabbit at the beginning. 4. Giving. The fairy had given it to the rabbit when he was sad. I use these tips a lot with my friends, sometimes it is okay to be a bit rude or not to trust them. We are not perfect.

So, how do you make a good friendship? To have a good friendship, you should get to know them for at least one month. So, what are the steps? 1. Good first impression. You should go up to them with a smile and be friendly, you should warm up to them a bit after a week. 2. Show them you are worthy to be their friend. If you just go up to them, talk, then get mad and storm off. That is not a good sign for them to you. You have to follow the steps to be a good friend, to make more. 3. Complementing. You should always compliment them. 4. Helping. Help them with things you can, like with school. Personal problems if they trust you enough. Helping is an important role in friendship.

Those were the four tips, now I’ll give you some examples. 1. Make a good first impression. The skin horse had a good first impression on the rabbit. 2. Show them you are worthy to be friends. At the start the boy showed the rabbit he is worthy to be loved, or to be his friend. 3. Complementing. The mom complemented the rabbit when she asked the person if the boy could keep him, this relates to friendship by his mom being kind and complimenting him. 4. Helping. The fairy helped the rabbit become a real rabbit. 

Bonus! If the person hates compliments, what do you do? If you said insult them, you are wrong. You do it anyway to be nice. What do you do when your new friend wants to borrow your car, but she does not have a license? If you said lend it to her you are wrong. You don’t do it and explain to them why. What do you do if your new friend wants to go to your house while nobody is there? If you said let her go, you're wrong. Just because she is a new friend does not mean you risk your house. They are a NEW friend of course. How those things will affect your friendship with others? Well, people get the good impression of you. If you help someone or compliment them, then others will eventually hear about it. You know, first impressions are an important part of making friends. You only ever get one to each person, I recommend you use it wisely. 

That’s all!


Letter to the audience

Aimee Klein

The essential ingredients of friendship in the story I read was easy to figure out. I chose number four because I found it the easiest to do. Which number four was indeed really easy. So, how did I show it in the story that I made? Well, I stated all of the essential ingredients of tips and such of friendship from the story “The Velveteen Rabbit.” All the tips that I put were in the story, and I also used them in the past myself. That’s mainly how I get friends today, by the tips I put. It does not work all the time of course, but mostly. Sometimes you lose friends along the way too. It’s their choice, and you should not be sad or mad if they leave. Friends are like candy. You can easily get more, but if you devour them too fast, they are all gone. I like that saying, because you can learn from it.

You are probably wondering, what were the tips? Well, if you said that then you did not read my short story earlier. But I will put them down again. The tips to be a good friend are 1. To be nice, 2. Trust, 3. Caring, and 4. Giving. Those are the tips to be a good friend. They work really well, so I recommend it. The tips to make a good friendship are 1. Good first impression, 2. Showing them you are worthy to be their friend, 3. Complementing, and, 4. Helping. Those are also very helpful tips to make a new friend. Every tip I just said is included in the story “The Velveteen Rabbit.” Examples that the story shows are 1. Being nice, the skin horse was being kind to the rabbit although he knew the others would probably pick on him worse for doing that. 2. Trust, the rabbit trusted the skin horse. 3. Caring, the boy cared and loved the rabbit. 4. Giving, the fairy gave to the rabbit. These were all important parts of the story too. 

If you are still wondering how they are ingredients, I can help a little bit more. Picture this in your head. A kid your age is getting bullied by YOUR group of friends. You have been friends with them since Kindergarten, but you don’t trust them and they don’t trust you. You know the four tips of being a good friend. So you use them, you go up to the kid and give his stuff back. You are being nice, but the kid does not trust you. So, you start to hang around him. You earn his trust. His dog dies the next day, and he does not show up to school. You go to his house and care for him. He feels a bit better. A few months later it is his birthday, you give a present. You guys were not that close friends at the beginning, and now you are closer. See how those tips can do a lot even in an example? Your old group of friends still are not your friends anymore, but they were rude. Those tips can change your way of being or making friends with someone. 

You couldn’t relate to the tips or the explanations, then I don’t know what to say. Oh yeah! Try doing it, if it’s a new kid or to a person you never thought you would be friends with. I recommend you try. You might be surprised how fast you made a new friend. 

In conclusion, the ingredients of friendship in “The Velveteen Rabbit” were easy to figure out. I hope you found my tips useful and encouraging. Thanks a lot for reading! Have a nice day!