Delta High School (DHS) Big Dog

Consado Sambora

The Delta girls softball team has been on the road the past week taking on the Lathrop Malemutes and the Hutchinson Hawks bringing back three wins.

We a slow start against Lathrop last Wednesday, with only two runs in the first three innings, the Lady Husky offence came alive in the fourth and fifth innings putting 11 runs on the board and defeating the Malemutes 13-7.

The offensive leaders for Delta were Freshman Lourdes Lester with three hits and one RBI, Seniors Mersades Owen with two hits and three RBIs and Jocelyn Williams with two hits and two RBIs. Junior Alyssa Hooton had two hits and two RBIs and Freshman C.C. Folliard put up two hits and three RBIs.

Coach Lester said, “It was nice to get a win on a day when we weren’t playing our best softball, I know that Delta teams always start slow because it takes them half a game to shake off the lethargy that sits in during the drive to the games, it has always been that way. I know better and didn’t do a good enough job planning for that in our warmups so that’s something now that we have made our first trip of the year to Fairbanks. I need to be better prepared for next time to avoid the slow start.”

Pitchers Jocelyn Williams and Alyssa Hooton combined to help the Huskies move to 7-1 overall on the season.

On Saturday Delta swept Hutch playing a conference game followed by a nonconference contest.

In the conference game, Delta jumped out early with an over the fence home run by Senior Mersades Owen to lead the Huskies to a 23-1 win. The Huskies sit 2-0 in conference play going into an important conference matchup this weekend at home against North Pole.

In the nonconference matchup Saturday, Freshman Zoe Moore picked up where she left off in the first game as the relief pitcher, not allowing any runs to score with the help of the defense behind her.

Not to be outdone, the Lady Huskies stepped up at the plate putting down the Hawks 21-0 leaving the Huskies 9-1 overall.

“We got off to a fast start offensively especially after Mersades Owen set the tone with her big home run in the first game.” said Coach Lester. “We were solid defensively for the most part in both games. We still have some work to do as teams we play are going to keep getting stronger. Zoe Moore really pitched well, It took her a couple batters to find the strike zone consistently, but I’ve been coaching her for awhile now, I know she will always starts throwing strikes, so I don’t get too worried. I know she will give the defense a chance to do their job, get outs, and not walk batters. So far, all our pitchers Alyssa Hooton, Jocelyn Williams, and Zoe have done a great job this season of not walking a lot of batters.”

Saturday the Huskies have a showdown with the North Pole Patriots at noon in Delta. The winner gets the inside track for the Mid-Conference Championship.

Coach Lester said that these upcoming games vs North Pole will be a good measuring stick to see where his team is at as they get close to the stretch run before the State Championship tournament.

“We still have all of our goals we set as a team out in front of us and we have not reached our full capabilities as a team, we are getting better each week, but still have a ways to go if we are going to make some noise at State.” said Lester.

Younger girls that might be interested in playing for the Huskies in the future can sign up for youth softball during the game on Saturday.