It was a weekend of opportunity for the Delta Husky hockey team as ten skaters, two coaches, and a goalie traveled to Kodiak to participate in high school hockey. 

For all the Huskies, this was their first time traveling to Kodiak and for some, this may have been their one and only chance to travel with a DHS team.

The Delta squad ranged in age and ability, but everyone had lots of playing time and nearly everyone was recorded for either a goal or an assist in the weekend's play.

Delta's 10-man squad competed against Kodiak's junior varsity and varsity team, each of nearly 20 players, while securing three wins and a single loss. Of the four games, two were junior varsity and two were varsity.

The Huskies secured their first win against the Kodiak Bears junior varsity team with a 7-2 score. 

Freshmen Gavin Smith and Brady Bevard each scored two goals, and a single goal was scored by Zion Lester, Jacob Korovnik, and Robbie Klein. Assists during the game were made by Tanner Brant, Korovnik, Lester, and Dawson Somers.

Kodiak's single win came Friday night as jet lag set in on the Huskies, causing them to give up a win by a loss of only one point. 

Anthony White scored two goals, both with an assist from Korovnik. Gavin Smith scored one goal. The final score was 4-3.

The Huskies came back strong on Saturday with an 8-0 win, earning goalie Jordan Bouzidan his second shutout of the season. 

During the JV game, senior Lester scored his first-ever hat trick, and sophomore Wyatt Mason scored his first goal as a Husky. 

Goals were also scored by Bevard, Brant, Klein, and White. Assists were made by Kline, Korovnik, Brant, and Smith.

The Kodiak rain couldn't bring our Huskies down, and they ended their final game of the weekend by celebrating a win over the Bears varsity team 5-1.