2023 Dean Cummings Tournament Flyer

In an unusual setup leading into the championship games of the 17th Annual Dean Cummings Sr. Memorial Basketball Tournament, North Pole and Bethel faced off in both the girls and boys divisions for the championship round putting either school in the position of being the champions in both divisions – with the tournament ending in a split of the titles between the two schools.

North Pole took the championship of the girls division in a lobsided 40-28 win over Bethel Saturday afternoon while Bethel took the championship in the boys division 43-42 in a tight matchup against North Pole.

The Bethel boys reached the finals with wins over Nenana and Delta while North Pole reached the boys final with wins over Galena and Hutchinson. The North Pole girls reached the finals with wins over Galena and Sustina Valley, while Bethel reached the finals with wins over Nenana and Glennallen.

Final ranking in the boys division

Champion         Bethel

Second North Pole

Third    Delta

Fourth  Glennallen

Fifth     Hutchinson

Sixth     Galena

Seventh            Nenana

Eighth   Sustina Valley

Final ranking in the girls division

Champion         North Pole

Second Bethel

Third    Sustina Valley

Fourth  Nenana

Fifth     Glennallen

Sixth     Galena

Seventh            Delta

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