Delta High School (DHS) Big Dog

There’s a new opportunity in Delta for high school and college students taking classes online. Many students nowadays are getting their start in college by taking courses online while staying close to home here in Delta. Now you can get help and support in person, right here in Delta for your online course work.

Delta High School teachers, Mike Adams and Amanda Turnbull will be offering resource labs in the evenings at the Delta Career Advancement Center. This venture is funded by Partners for Progress and designed to provide support to students who are working on their own in online classes. While there are great benefits to working online, one of the drawbacks can be the isolation and personal connection students need to understand new material.

Both Turnbull and Adams are adjuncts with the university and have taught courses at the Career Advancement Center (CAC) previously. Ms. Turnbull can help students with their writing, but not just in English classes. Many courses require written assignments and it never hurts to have another set of eyes review and make suggestions on your writing.

Adams has taught computer aided drafting classes at the CAC and also taught physics and math classes at Delta High School for years. His experience may be just what you need to help explain that one concept that has been giving you trouble.

Are there other kids in your class and you want to study together or work on a project? Maybe you just need a quiet place to work with good internet access for your online courses. The writing and math Labs are open from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Stop on by and get some work done.