Delta Junction saw its first high school sports action last Thursday when high school coach, Hilary Adams, organized a race for the junior and senior high cross-country teams against the community. The race was organized because of restrictions on travel due to the coronavirus keeping schools from coming to Delta for the annual race.

The race was well attended with 25 runners in the men’s race and 18 runners in the women’s race.

The race was not without mishaps, there were quite a few tumbles and falls during the race, resulting in broken glasses for one participant, as well as several runners being stung by wasps.

Curtis Henry took first place in the men’s race with a time of 19:45, he was followed closely by high school freshman, Gabe Haas, with a time of 19:46. Third place went to community runner Kade Skidmore with a time of 21:28.

The women’s race was won by high school senior Abigail Ruse with a time of 24:31. Not far behind was Jessica Fellman with a time of 24:43. Third place went to junior high runner Amelia Warren with a time of 25:13.

The junior high team is scheduled to compete against Valdez on Saturday and both schools are scheduled to compete in Glenallen on Tuesday. 

The following results lists are incomplete as not all runners returned to record their names on the timing sheets. 

Women’s Race

Abigail Ruse 24:31

Jessica Fellman 24:43

Amelia Warren 25:13

Brandy Baker 26:49

Iris Haas 27:10

Bethany Amarone 32:20

Carol Haas 32:32

Milla Schaffer 32:56

Honor Fraley 33:17

Ellen Clark 34:13

Aimee Klein 34:40

Olivia Morley 37:02

Amber Klein 42:22

Ruth Merril 43:11

Men’s Race 

Curtis Henry 19:45

Gabe Haas 19:46

Kade Skidmore 21:28

Justing Galicia 22:00

C Barnard 22:09

Zander Stossmeister 22:49

Anthony White 22:51

Paul Jacques 23:34

Anthony L. 24:39

Daniel Rawson 24:58

Tanner Brant 25:30

Jayton Jackson 26:03

Chad Felman 26:27

Cyrus Weidner 26:29

Colin Winkleman 26:38

Josh Merril 26:39

Calvin Fellman 27:12

Brock Weidner 27:28

Orin Hicks 30:11

Christopher Phelan 30:21

Josiah Ruse 30:41

Eric Ruse 30:44

B. Hudgin 32:35

Whit Aillaud 33:16

Ethan Adams 35:36