The Cook Inlet Academy was in town for a Friday matchup with our hometown Huskies soccer team.

Prior to the beginning of the game, Delta High School held a salute to the Delta area first responders recognizing the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department, Fort Greely Fire Department, Delta Junction Fire Department, Alaska State Troopers, and Delta Medical Transport. The Civil Air Patrol color guard presented the colors.

Our hometown Huskies seemed to play two different kinds of games. The first half of the game found Delta trying to put everything that they have learned together to take command of the game. Unfortunately, they spent more time on defense and less time taking the action toward their opponent.

The break before the second half seemed to give the Huskies time to get re-centered and the quality of play seemed to improve in the second half.

Huskies coach Dave Schmidt commented that if you score two shots out of seven attempts that those stats are pretty good. Schmidt went on to say, “When you take a total of seven shots in a game, that is not good.”

Schmidt said that the team had several chances throughout the game but could not finish the play and that is something he said, “That has to improve.”

Marcelo Castillo scored both of Delta’s goals. Keeper Zander Stossmeister, “Played a very tough half,” according to Schmidt.

Cook Inlet Academy took away with a 4-2 win.

Looking forward from the game Schmidt knows that while his team has been playing good moments during the game that it is now time to put together an entire match.

Schmidt was encouraged by Jacob Karovnik who had a few decent shots and Matthew Lawhorne who once again displayed some stellar efforts on the field.

Schmidt feels that the sky is the limit for his very young team being most comprised of freshman and sophomores. There are only three returning seniors on the team.

Coach Schmidt was touched as he looked across the field and saw so many fans that had come out and support Delta High School Soccer.

The next home soccer game will be on Saturday, September 18 at 11 a.m. as the Huskies will be host Holy Rosary from Anchorage.

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