The Delta Junction Junior High School Grizzly’s volleyball team played their final games of the season on Friday and Saturday.

Head coach Holly Stewart said of the season, “We have had lots of wins and losses.” Stewart went on to say that Delta had four full teams this year and the range of talent was impressive.

Stewart said she watched as some of her players struggled to get the ball over the net at the beginning of the season who improved so much that it was no longer an issue.

“We have made good progress through the season,” beamed Stewart.

Stewart was very quick to point out that she was not alone. She said that she was very fortunate to have Kaylee Reierson as an “official” assistant coach. Reierson played on the DJHS and DHS volleyball teams and is now attending college.

Stewart also wanted to share her appreciation for Kaidance Wrigley who supported the team throughout the season, in addition to Lourdes Lester and Zoe Moore who helped as volunteer refs and support for the practices.

When asked about a post season, Stewart said that because of the COVID situation, there would be no post-season games. “At least we got to have a full season and tried to make the away games more enjoyable with some team centered activities,” said Stewart.

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