MDA hosts DGSD FIRST Robotic Teams

Students pictured left to right: Craig Stirling, Aden McCarrick, Michael Grapengeter, Jack Dvorak, Mason Wiley, Owen Morley, Rylee Miller, Jacob Satterberg, Asher Misquez, Noelle Conklin, Nicholay Gutierrez-Estremera, Ruthie Merrill. Back row pictured left to right: Lisa Laurendine (Acting Director, MDA STEM, Huntsville, Ala.), Christopher McCarrick (MDA, Ft. Greely), Nicole Pugh (Coach, DGSD), Heather Stossmeister (Coach, DGSD), Todd Hanson (Coach, DGSD), Lara Stubbs (MDA STEM Outreach, Huntsville, Ala.), and Maj. Paul Jacques (MDA, Ft. Greely). Photo by Angela Glass, Fort Greely Public Affairs.

The Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense Operations Support Division-Alaska (OSD-AK) recently hosted faculty and students from the Delta Greely School District. MDA provided a mission overview presentation, model demonstration, and Missile Defense Complex tour. MDA plans to continue partnering with the DGSD by providing resources for their STEM programs and has recently awarded four grants for the DGSD FIRST Robotics program.

According to the agency, "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is a non-profit organization that organizes four robotics leagues to engage K-12 students in exciting, mentor-based research and robotics programs. Teams are formed as an after-school activity with guidance and sponsorship from professionals at science and technology-based organizations. MDA STEM awarded grants to the following teams; Delta Bots, Grizzbots, Blazing Pup Builders, and the Husky Bots."