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The Delta Greely School Board is scheduled to discuss a revised policy on memorials at its meeting Thursday night, Aug. 1. The proposed policy allows three exceptions for memorials during activities prohibited by the existing policy, but retains the prohibition on temporary and permanent memorials in school buildings or on school grounds.

The proposed policy allows memorial activities immediately following the death of a student, at the first anniversary of the death of a student, and at the graduation ceremony on the anticipated date of the student’s graduation if requested and agreed to by a majority of the graduating class throughout the District. The policy goes on to say, “Memorial activity for a student is not a requirement. It is a possibility; and the decision to conduct a memorial activity must be made with great care taking in to consideration among other things, the wishes of the family.”

The proposal suggests examples of appropriate memorial activities beyond the initial stage might include a moment of silence for the deceased person or a very short written statement, poem, or song meant to honor the person.

Suggestions of appropriate activities at graduation ceremonies include:

• Notation regarding the student on the graduation program.

• Inclusion of the student’s name/picture in any senior video/slideshow.

• Inclusion of a statement honoring the student by the class speakers.

• The wearing of a symbol of remembrance such as an arm band, bracelet, or patch on the graduation gown or hat.

The proposed policy does not state who will determine if a memorial activity will be allowed.

Public comment will be accepted during the meeting. The board will most likely schedule a vote on the policy for its Aug. 15 business meeting.

Other items on the agenda for the upcoming work session include a revised organization chart for the district, discussion on changing the meeting time for the Board, the School Board calendar, and duties of the superintendent.

Immediately following the work session, the Board will hold a special business meeting to approve contracts for certificated staff and to approve the school board calendar.

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