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The Delta Greely School District has gone to a high-risk level and will implement remote learning as of Monday for all schools except for the Gerstle River School. Superintendent Shaun Streyle said in a letter to parents on Friday, that the decision was made based upon the number of positive tests for the coronavirus in the community.

“Due to several circumstances related to new cases in the community, and considering the current positive count, we are going to transition into a high risk level,” wrote Streyle in his letter.

Streyle said in an interview following making the decision, that the impact of the current situation on students, staffing, and the community as a whole, the district needs to move to remote learning.

The community has seen a significant increase in the number of positive tests for coronavirus recently. The current numbers released by the state through midnight Friday show a total of 23 activate cases for Delta Junction residents.

There have been a total of 37 positive tests reported for Delta Junction residents since the pandemic began.

There is currently one nonresident case on the State’s coronavirus dashboard, with a total of 12 nonresident cases since the pandemic began. The one current positive case has been on the dashboard for an extended period of time. According to Public Health, if cases go an extended period of time with no contact, they are eventually removed.

There has also been a significant number of positive tests in other communities in the Southeast Fairbanks Census District, as well as statewide. In the census district, Tok has 11 active cases and other communities report seven active cases. The State combines cases in lower population areas into a single category due to privacy concerns.

Streyle wrote in his letter that he expects the remote learning to last for two weeks, with the hope of returning to a medium risk level and in building instruction on Nov. 16.

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