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Delta Greely School District schools reopen following the Christmas and New Year’s holidays today with remote learning and will return to in classroom learning for all schools beginning Tuesday, Jan. 12. Schools will be opened at the medium risk level.

Superintendent Shaun Streyle announced the plan for returning in a letter to parents on Dec. 18. He announced at the time that schools would go to in classroom learning on Jan. 12. In a letter to parents on Jan. 5, Streyle clarified that Jan. 7 and 8 will be distant learning days, followed by the weekend and the Jan. 11 holiday leading up to in classroom learning on Jan. 12.

Streyle said in the Jan. 5 letter that the reason for the schedule was to allow time for staff and students who may have traveled during the holiday break to sufficiently quarantine following travels.

He also asks that parents talk to their children about the need for social distancing to reduce the amount of quarantining required if someone within the district tests positive for the virus. Parents are asked to keep children at home if they are sick, to remind children to wash their hands, and to consider wearing a mask. Streyle said masks will be available at the schools, but masks are not mandatory.

Streyle said in his December letter that he recognized the challenges remote learning places on families and he appreciated the feedback he had received from parents and appreciated the sacrifices that everyone has made.

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