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The Chitina Subdistrict Personal Use Salmon Fishery will be open continuously through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, July 10. During June 20 – 26, there were 156,203 salmon counted past the Miles Lake sonar. The preseason projection for this period was 54,445 salmon, which results in a surplus of 101,758 salmon. The high surplus numbers resulted in an additional 36 hours added to the preseason schedule.

Currently one king salmon can be kept as part of the household annual limit. Steelhead cannot be kept and must be returned to the water immediately.

All 2022 Chitina Subdistrict personal use salmon fishing permit participation and harvest reporting must be completed online. Anyone who purchased a permit must report, even if they did not fish. Returning permits by mail or hand-delivery is no longer an acceptable means to report. Also, permit holders who fail to report Chitina Subdistrict personal use salmon fishery harvest online by the October 15 deadline will be denied a permit for the fishery the next calendar year.

Reports indicate those participating in the fishery are having good results.

The preseason schedule indicates the fishery will be open for limited periods following July 10. Updates will be made by emergency order.

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