No, it’s not a mathematical brain teaser. Let me paint a clearer picture of the 10U state championship repeat!


“There are strange things done in the Midnight Sun” by the team who competes for gold; 

“The Arctic trails have their secret tales that would make your blood run cold”;

The Northern Lights have seen Husky fights, but the finest they ever did see...

Was that day at the Brett they won’t soon forget, when 17 rallied around the pairs of 3!

Now the Delta dogs were so strong, they love hockey like a lion heart’s dream.

They left their home in the North to roam 'round the rink and face a Grizzly team!

Hesitate not they all jumped at their shot and the hockey Moms each know,

The fight must be fought or it’s all for not if their little pups are to learn and grow!

Huskies play fast while fierce, and the Grizzlies may all say “much tougher than they thought,

But we’ve come to steal their gold if Huskies aren’t bold and work together they do not!”

On championship day Huskies mushed their way over ice that was no trail,

No COVID cold or mask worn told would let them not prevail.

Their eyes would gleam and sweat would steam, but the sights they all had set,

Were on goals they craved while their goalie staved off the ones he would not let!

A championship win we must defend! It’s why we’re here don’t you all know?

From end to end we will defend till the battlefield of ice becomes snow.

We’ll fight on through while onlookers scowl and hold our achievements in contempt,

The Husky dream will leave the children’s 10U team from malice all exempt!

We love their joy both girl and boy and how hard they all do strive.

In the year of the virus such joys can find us, MORE than happy to be alive!


Delta 10U set a Delta Skating Association (DSA) record when they successfully defended their title as state champions in the 10 and under House “A” division. The Fairbanks Grizzlies team was a formidable adversary, they are a strong team who challenged the Huskies. The Huskies team edged out a slim 4-3 victory to cap off an undefeated run in the tournament. 

It was an overwhelmingly excellent season with an encouraging amount of growth for all the players. The team had a group of players that included three pairs of brothers which provided a unique and healthy hockey family environment. The coaching staff would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the players, parents, donors, and state hockey organizers that made the season possible!