Fort Wainwright has released the annual hunting season closures for the Donnelly Training Area (DTA) surrounding Fort Greely. In addition to impact areas and areas always closed to recreation, four different closures have been announced.

Beginning Aug. 25 and continuing through Sept. 11, most of DTA East will be closed for recreation and hunting. This includes Training Areas 501 to 507, 510, 513, and 514 along 33 Mile Loop Road. The area will again be closed Sept. 24 – 30.

Beginning Aug. 25 and continuing through Sept. 16, areas along Meadows Road and Wind Ridge Road will be closed, including Training Areas 524 – 527. This area will also be closed Sept. 24 – 30.

Most of DTA West surrounding Impact Area west of the Delta River will be closed Sept. 10- 21.

The area south of 33 Mile Loop Road on the east side of the Richardson Highway, and the area on the west side of the Richardson Highway surrounding Dome Road and the Old Richardson Highway will be closed Sept. 24 – 30. This includes areas 529-532, north and west of Donnelly Dome.

Anyone 16-years-old or older must obtain a recreation access permit before utilizing military land. The permits can be obtained at the Fort Greely Visitors Center during normal operation hours, or on the iSportsman website at

When planning to enter military land, individuals must call the automated phone system at (907) 873-3181 within 24 hours of entering the recreation area.

Major entrances to closed areas have a red flag flying.

Questions regarding land closures and entry requirements can be address to DTA Range Control at (907) 873-4714. For more military land closures in other training areas, visit the iSportsman site at

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at