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Delta Junction Trails Association is beginning its 7th year. We have accomplished so much in a very short time! And could not have done so much without this community’s input, generous contributions, and backing. Corporate, Family and Individual DJTA membership and donations enable DJTA to run the business of this busy non-profit 501(c)3, plus provide the following fun Delta community outdoor recreational opportunities with key partners throughout the year.   

-January 1stHike - Ski Snowshoe Co-Sponsored with Alaska State Parks, Quartz Lake Glatfelder Cabin.

-February Walk of Lights - Three mile walk Sullivan Roadhouse/State Parks candle lit, cosponsored with Delta Chamber of Commerce Festival of Lights.

-March Celebrate the Sun - Quartz Lake, Ice Fishing, Ice bowling, Beach Volleyball, Silent Auction, Hot Dogs/S’Mores, Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing.

-June Hike Donnelly Dome with DJTA - American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day. 

-November Turkey Trot - Liewer Community Trail.

Some Milestones;

DJTA, with community input and Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance, NPS (RTCA), created the Delta Junction Community Trails Plan 2015, a vision for trails in the Delta Junction area for all trail users. 

DJTA constructed the Liewer Community Trail, providing lighting to the 1.2 mile cross country ski, walking and running trail next to the Delta High School track. 

In  addition, DJTA partners with Delta/Greely School District, US Army Child, Youth & Child Services every February-March, to conduct the Delta Jr. Nordic Ski Club. Yearly, up to 60 Delta Elementary students learn to ski with a minimum of 20 dedicated hard working volunteers.

June 2019 our fourth grant-funded major trail project, Bluff Cabin Trail II (from the Delta Community Trails Plan 2015), will begin. Our funding has been gained through Federal Highways State of Alaska Recreational Trails Program and partnership with Salcha/Big Delta Soil and Water Conservation District.  The Bluff Cabin Trail Restoration was done in 2017 and realignment will be completed this summer.

DJTA has been busy as the main driver for the River Walk Park project.  DJTA , City of Delta Junction, ADNR and ADEC have been working on clean up possibilities at the Old Dump Site and the Trespass Shooting range to enable safe public access and River Walk Park trail construction. Clean up at the Trespass Shooting Range is proposed to begin this summer.

DJTA 2018-19 has received a grant for assistance with RTCA, NPS. They are guiding us through the Donnelly Dome Trail Concept Plan. The trail is informal and in need of layout. design, and construction that improves the experience and long-term sustainability.