Setting a conibear trap

Alaska Trappers Association board member Bob Hunter demonstrates setting a conibear trap for beaver.

From the Interior Trails Newsletter November 2022

Trapping season opened November 1, so trail users who let their dogs run loose should make sure they know some basic information about traps and trap lines.

A pocket-sized pamphlet titled “Trap Safety for Pet Owners” describes the types of traps and snares that may be encountered and provides illustrated instructions on how to free pets swiftly and safely. It is produced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Alaska Trappers Association (ATA). Copies are available free of charge at department offices or may be viewed on the website at:

More information, including video footage featuring trap removal instructions, is found on the department’s website at (see “Sharing the Trails” under the “Hunting > Trapping” dropdown menu), and on the ATA website (

The ATA also sells a 30-minute video, "Sharing Alaska's Trails," that includes information such as how to know if you are on a trap line, trap line safety, the physics of handling and opening traps and snares, and tips for first-aid for pets accidentally caught in traps.

The video doesn't promote trapping but deals with the practicalities of sharing the trails. A three-minute excerpt of the DVD can be found on YouTube ( To order a copy of the DVD check the ATA store at

Most trapping seasons run from November 1 to the end of February, but the season for a few species lasts longer. Wolf traps could be active well into April.