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Where will the fish go? Stocking plan open for comment

Michael Paschall

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is seeking comments on its sport fish stocking plan. The Division releases approximately 7 million fish annually into Alaska waters and is reviewing its next five-year plan. The plan specifies locations, type, size, and life stage of fish to be stocked.

“Receiving public input is very important to the Division as we finalize the Statewide Stocking Plan for 2021,” Statewide Stocking Coordinator, Andrew Garry said. “The Division commits a significant portion of their annual budget towards stocking fish throughout the state, and hearing from anglers is a critical piece of the fisheries management process.”

Only fish reared from the Division’s hatchery facilities and from private non-profit hatcheries that work in cooperation with ADF&G to improve sport fisheries are included in this plan.

The Statewide Stocking Plan is available for review on the Division’s webpage at by searching for “stocking plan.” Release sites in the Delta Junction area are numerous and range from smaller water bodies such as Big D Pond and Bluff Cabin Lake, to larger, more popular water bodies such as Quartz Lake.

Please submit public comments to Andrew Garry by email or by mail to William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery, c/o Andrew Garry, 941 North Reeve Boulevard, Anchorage, Alaska, 99501.

The public comment deadline is January 31, 2021.

Michael Paschall is the publisher of the Delta Wind and covers general news topics. He can be reached at